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Product Safety Services

In the current climate, the product regulatory environment becomes more complex (ref. REACH, CLP), however companies face reduction in costs and staff.

To cope efficiently with these regulatory activities, SGS provides you with a valuable solution. SGS has product regulatory experts which deal, day in day out, with a wide range of product regulatory legislation (on European and national level) for a variety of different customers. Benefit from this expertise and save costs in outsourcing your product regulatory activities. It is an easy, low cost solution which assures compliance of your products and a continued supply of your products in Europe.

Our Product regulatory activities can be split up in 6 main domains:
  1. Reach Services
  2. Only Representative
  3. SDS-Management
  4. Emergency Response
  5. Notification Reports
  6. Other Product Regulatory Services

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SGS advantages:
- Specialized product information
- Skilled experts
- Dedicated software systems